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When looking for a dental home for your family, it is important to find a practice that emphasizes patient comfort and high quality dental solutions. At Troy Metro Dental, we are committed to providing services with these qualities to families of the Troy area.

A Conservative Approach to Dentistry

Dr. Omar Ansari and our team strive to ensure the health of the natural structures of your teeth. Rather than pushing patients into treatment, we attempt to help patients save teeth that may be at risk, providing your family with comprehensive preventive measures to avoid decay. This commitment to conserving your natural teeth also means that we prioritize patient health and comfort over all else.

We take the time to educate families on their various options for dental treatment. Whether your child is ready for sealants to prevent cavities, or you need to have a crown placed to salvage a decayed tooth, we allow you to choose the treatment plans that best suit your dental health goals. This strategy ensues that we do not over treat patients, and that your family remains confident in the results of their dental care.

Technologically Enhanced Care in Troy

Our conservative approach does not mean that we allow ourselves to fall behind in dental technological advances. Troy Metro Dental uses the latest in examination technologies to ensure that we provide you and your family with comprehensive preventive care, protecting your smile from functional and aesthetic problems in the future. The intraoral cameras and operatory monitors we employ help us ensure that patients are informed every step of the way, showing you potential sites of decay, and areas for concern as they are located.

Cosmetically Inclined Services

The dental care we provide is designed to help you enhance your smile’s aesthetic, as well as its health and regular function. We offer both Invisalign® and dental whitening, allowing you to straighten and brighten your smile, reflecting your smile’s health in its appearance. Many of the reconstructive services we offer are also aesthetically driven, as we place dental implants and crowns using high quality materials that will compliment your smile’s appearance while providing you the necessary strength for everyday use.

Start Your Family’s Cosmetic Dental Care

Contact Troy Metro Dental today to progress towards smiles that match your family’s dental health and cosmetic goals. Dr. Ansari and our dental team is proud to serve families of Troy and the neighboring communities of Rochester Hills, Clawson, and Sterling Heights.

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